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Nov 21
"Every Dog Wants To Be A Superdog. Together We Can Make It Happen!"


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Tylene Hay - Education Department Assistant/Trainer PDF Print E-mail


I began working at Superdog Spectrum Dog Daycare in 2001 and the past years here have been a remarkable experience.

It was 18 years ago, that I fell most unexpectedly in love with my late Golden Retriever "Hunie". I rescued her from a homeless man on the streets of Montreal who was looking for homes for his puppies. From that moment forward I have dedicated myself to learn all I can to improve the human-canine bond. My previous career in early childhood education and inner city youth counseling has been of great assistance in furthering my understanding of canine behavior. I continue to enhance my knowledge and experience by attending seminars, workshops and educational conferences taught by world renowned dog trainers and best selling authors such as: Dr. Ian Dunbar, Jean Donaldson, Turid Rugaas, Dr. Stanley Coren and our very own, Lori Boyle. I am a proud and active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers; promoting the education of canines with positive, humane methods of training.

I currently have 6 wonderful rescue dogs. Shelby is a female Border Collie mix, recently retired from the Superdog Demo Team. Quazar is my male Husky/Shepherd mix who has severe social anxiety issues toward humans. He conquers his fears by participating in Superdog Demo Shows...the high jump event being his specialty. Jack, my male Border Collie/ Aussie mix who is sadly on his 6th (and final) relocation with our family being his forever home! Zoie, is a lovely female Staffie/Lab mix, Meg my female Jack Russel cross and the most recent addition Tij, my young Border Collie cross. With lots of love and socializing, all of my dogs live harmoniously in our happy household, including our grumpy old Siamese cat!

Being a Pet Dog Instructor at the Spectrum has given me the opportunity to teach the eager, energetic puppy; build a strong bond through understanding in my "Canine Communication" classes; increase focus and attention for a "Radical Recall" and provide the tools for "Basic Manners" in daily living. I educate kids and dogs in my Superdog Day Camp program for kids held every summer. My life-long goal is to continue educating families...bridging the communication gap between humans and this beautiful Canine species.

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