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Sep 20
"Every Dog Wants To Be A Superdog. Together We Can Make It Happen!"


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Sherry Etifier - Trainer PDF Print E-mail


Greeting fellow canine guardians, I am Sherry Etifier. My interest in canine sports came about when I attended my first Superdog Show at the Calgary Stampede in 1998 and I was amazed at the dedication level of the dogs performing with their owners. Lucky for me the Superdog Spectrum was going to be opening in September of that year. I, along with my Rottweiler, Miss Mercedes, (now deceased, 1996-2004) were one of the first students to enrol in classes. In 1999, after successfully completing many classes, Miss Mercedes and I were invited to apprentice at the Edmonton Superdog show. At that time, I was also the guardian of another dog, Flower (mixed breed) who is now also deceased. I've since added Chicklett (Bernese Mountain Dog), Deja (Golden/Poodle cross), and Mozart (German Shorthair Pointer)  to our happy home. All of my dogs have performed in the Superdogs Show and are working towards trialing in Agility.

After training my own dogs at the Spectrum, I began my career there as a trainer's assistant. I soon realized, with great despair, that some dogs are just afraid of the world in which they live... resulting in unwanted behaviors. I felt compelled to find out more about behavior and what causes such unruly dogs. After attending many seminars and classes on the subject, I decided that the answer was early intervention. That was several years ago and I am proud to say that I am now considered somewhat of an expert in puppy behavior. I truly believe that unwanted behaviors can be avoided by raising a well-rounded puppy, starting right from the day that they come home. Helping a puppy, and its guardian, to understand how to maintain good canine communication skills is a feeling that is second to none... proper communication at a young age results in a great adult dog regardless of whether you are raising a family pet or a performance dog.

I invite everyone to attend my Puppy Classes. Learn how to have fun with your dog while moulding a socially acceptable canine. Life is easy when we allow it to be!!
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