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You can have your dog trained for you by one of the Superdog Spectrum's top trainers.

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Your Favourite Movie Dog

Tip One

1Always remember to make your training sessions short and full of fun!

Tip Two

2When doing a recall with your dog make sure that you have his/her attention first!

Tip Three

3Never tell your dog to stay when you are leaving for the day, your command word of 'stay' will not have any meaning when you are trying to teach him/her what you really mean by saying the word 'stay'.

Tip Four

6Once you start training an exercise like controlled walking, (meaning walking beside or behind you not in front) you have to continue training the exercise every time you hook your dog to a leash.

Tip Five

5If you are in a bad mood, put down the training tools and take time for yourself. Never train when you've had a bad day!

New Training Class!

Reindeer Games!

Need a break form the hustle and bustle of the Holidays? Caome play the games Santa's reindeer play after the long haul! Christmas themed agility party games for dogs that know all the equipment! Wednesday, December 30th. 7-9 pm. $60 + GST. Register at the front desk or call us! Limited spaces. 

Agility Competition!

This class is for handler and dogs currently competing or just starting to compete. Full course work with all obstacles. Distance training introduced and course analysis is emphasized. Starting classes offered March 23rd & 30th. Call or see schedules and class descriptions for more details!

K9 Nose Work®

The exciting sport of K9 Nose Work® has been designed to help you and your dog work together to use their natural desire to hunt with their nose. By providing a constructive outlet, K9 Nose Work® is a sport that challenges dogs both mentally and physically and is a very healthy way for them to release energy. We are offering 3 levels of K9 Nosework®!

Distance Handling Athlete!

Starting Fri, Sept. 9 @ 8:15 pm.  It is a 6 week program is designed for agility students/dogs that know the equipment well. And are looking at getting their dog to work further away from them.

Welcome to Superdog Spectrum PDF Print E-mail

Calgary's Superdog Spectrum is a multi-faceted, dog-centered facility offering a wide variety of instructional Classes, Seminars and individual Consultations.

Not only do we offer many levels of Agility, Obedience and Puppy Classes, we exclusively offer classes such as Radical Recall, Hello Fido, and Movie Dog Training.

See the "Training" link above for details of our classes and check "Schedules" for a full list and start dates.

Bay #7, 510 - 77th Avenue S.E. Calgary, AB

(403)  217-8737

(403)  21-SUPER

Click here for directions to Superdog Spectrum.

One on One Training PDF Print E-mail

The One on One dog training program consists of a set of predefined skills (behaviours) that are taught to the dog by a professional trainer. These skills (behaviours) will help the owners improve their relationship with their dogs.

These skills are always taught with the goal of getting the dog to respond to verbal and visual cues. The evolution of the training will be based on each individual's ability.

The dog and the owner need to know a basic level of each others language so that positive communication will happen. This language can be canine, human or a combination. Our trainers will teach your dog a basic understanding of human language so that your time spent with your furry family member is carefree.

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